Synology America DiskStation 2Bay Network Attached Storage DS215 Easy

Synology America DiskStation 2Bay Network Attached Storage DS215 Easy
Synology America DiskStation 2Bay Network Attached Storage DS215 Easy

Standard storage Containers (also referred to as B Grade storage Containers) – The budget end of the storage container grades. These storage containers are straight off the stack and are weather proof and lockable. These storage containers are structurally sound but cosmetically challenged.

Premium Painted storage Containers – used storage containers in excellent condition that has had a coat of paint to look near brand new. It has little to no rust / dings, as these storage containers have been totally refurbished.

Self-storage mechanisms are indeed a wonderful way to find out hitherto unexplored space. In case of belongings requiring larger storage units such as car storage, RV storage, boat storage or furniture storage, warehouses suited to fit your requirements perfectly can be rented.

Businesses offering self storage facilities offer space to meet the needs of diversified customers. The buildings are provided with various storage units. These units can be used for car storage, RV storage, boat storage, furniture storage and so on.

Storage space is in great demand for both personal and business needs. To meet this growing demand, there are various businesses offering storage spaces for rent at a nominal price. Mini storage spaces are much in demand because of their small size. Mini storage units are provided in various sizes to suit the varied needs of the customers. They are usually located centrally to facilitate easy access to the people who make use of the facility.

Standard ISO freight containers are designed to withstand the rigors of marine transportation and are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework, with corrugated steel walls and doors. The floors are treated 28mm marine ply that is both rot and vermin proof , mounted on steel cross members. Standard containers have double doors fitted to one end of, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles. Additionally we also fit a high security lock box. Our containers are designed to be stacked 9 high on a ship whilst loaded with 30 tonnes of cargo in each, therefo